Air Filter Products and Services in Portland, OR

Do you need air filter products for your building or location? Airfilco, Inc. is a leading supplier throughout the region. We offer supply and installation of a full line of Purolator air filter products. With decades of experience, we are your local experts in filtration. Our warehouse offers everything you need, and our professional staff delivers it with guaranteed service.

Air Filter Supply

We stock all HVAC filters and products available from Purolator Air Filtration Products in our Portland warehouse. If anything is not in stock, we will get it within a few days to fill your order. One of our specialties include HEPA and other final filtration.

Our client-list consists of high-tech buildings, school districts, hospitals, steel mills and more, many of whom have been with us for over 30 years. We are also happy to make custom-sized filters. Just call us with your custom specs. The experienced technicians at Airfilco, Inc. are ready to assist you with personalized, friendly service. Airfilco’s complete selection of products includes:

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Pleated Filters

Also known as pre-filters, pleats are available in the following styles:

  • Defiant Mark80-D (MERV 8)
  • Hi-E 40 (MERV 8)
  • Key Pleat (MERV 8)
  • PAF 11 (MERV 11)
  • Puro-g13een (MERV 13)

Rigid Box Filters

Airfilco, Inc. is your go-to source for box air filters in Portland, OR. We proudly provide the following industry-leading boxes:

  • Dominator LoadTech (MERV 11 or 15)
  • Dominator (MERV 11 or 15)
  • AERO Cell S (MERV 11, 13 or 15)
  • SERVA Cell 2VS (MERV 11, 13 or 15)
  • SERVA Cell VA (MERV 11, 13 or 15)
  • SERVA Cell (MERV 11, 13 or 15)

HEPA & Bag Filters

Do you need HEPA filtration for your location? No problem. Airfilco, Inc. also provides a variety of HEPA filters in Portland, OR. To fully meet our customers’ needs, we also offer bag filters, with many configurations available MERV 11, 13, and 14.


We are your ultimate source for all things air filter, stocking an additional range of filters that are designed for most applications:

  • Panels – P312
  • Pre-filters
  • Secondary filters
  • Final filters
  • Odor control
  • Residential filters
  • Paint booth filters
  • Pond filtration
  • Pressure Gauge Instruments

Airfilco, Inc. can make your air filter maintenance simple and hassle-free. Simply schedule your regular maintenance, and we will replace your filter on a set schedule, so you never have to think about it again. Why wait? Contact us today for a free estimate. Reach our helpful staff at 503-282-5170.

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